The idea behind FRIDG

February 5, 2017 - 1 minute read

Not long ago, I was coming back home from work on a Friday night. After having a long and busy day I was quite craving a good home cooked meal. Arrived at home and opened my fridge with excitement to see what I will prepare for dinner only to realize that my food delivery is not arriving until Saturday morning.

During the work week I have managed to eat almost everything I’ve had and by Friday evening I had left with only a few items – mostly basics like eggs, milk, and yogurt.

Obviously, I did not fancy a simple omelet so I started thinking what should I cook. Almost everything I could come up with was resulting in me going out in the rain to the local shops and buy the ingredients I need for a proper meal.

I put my jacket on, grabbed my umbrella and head down the street to the local shops. While I was walking, a thought came into my mind

“How cool would have been if there was an app that could tell me what I can cook with the products I’ve had”

After I got home I started to look into finding such technology but I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for and

“When I can’t find what I need – I make it happen”

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